Energy 2.0

Advancing to a new Era


Humankind’s Relationship with Energy

The development of the modern world is due in part to the apparent abundance of low cost energy that humankind has been able to extract from the earth. This has created a deep dependency that is the foundation of the world's economy.

The long-term rise in demand for fossil fuels has caused the financial, political and environmental costs of energy to escalate, driving tensions at all levels from the local to the international.

A new paradigm in the area of capture and use of energy is critical if we are to maintain a prosperous and socially responsible way of life.

Exro’s technology, making energy capture from renewable resources economically attractive and the use of electrical energy more economical, can reduce those tensions and help re-align humankind's relationship with energy.


Nature’s Relationship with Technology

Humankind has exploited the most readily available sources of energy to satisfy our needs. The realization that alternative and renewable sources of energy are needed to replace or supplement traditional sources has brought about a global wind power industry and other renewable power industries.

Humankind's current generator technology is suited to the fixed operating points of fossil fuel and nuclear power.

The changes and movements in nature are completely aligned with our energy needs, and now with EXRO's technology there is a way to connect the two.

In the future, Exro's technology will make variable sources such as wind power and other renewables economically advantageous and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

This will make the dependencies on limited sources of fossil fuels less necessary against the infinitely greater and unlimited source of nature - a crucial step that is needed towards a balanced alignment between nature and technology.


The World According to Exro

Variable energy sources including solar, wind and wave have had a limited impact on overall power generation until this decade.  Hydroelectric power generation aside, technologies used to capture energy from clean renewable sources have found it difficult to compete with the fossil fuel industry without subsidies and other forms of support.

Exro technology provides the opportunity to enhance energy capture from variable sources and improve the efficiency of electrical generators, motors and drives. The technology can also serve to reduce system complexity and support enhanced economic performance across the spectrum of production and consumption of electrical power.









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