Traditional Markets

With over one billion cars, 100 million elevators, 200 million diesel generator sets and 300 million industrial motors in the world, Exro has huge market potential.

cars / trucks
ship drives
industrial motors
wind turbines

All fuel driven systems that are used in heavy industry today can make use of Exro’s Dynamic Power Management technology to reduce fuel or power consumption while simultaneously increasing output. This includes all fuel powered electrical systems from massive diesel driven systems that feed the power grid to small portable generator systems.

By reducing fuel consumption, industry has the opportunity to meet new emission standards and reduce carbon emission penalties.

Renewable Markets

As the world moves towards renewable power generation, these variable energy sources are perfectly suited for Exro’s technology.

Exro’s intellectual property opens up accessibility for accelerated adoption of renewable power technologies. With increased efficiencies in capturing the power, these sources can deliver significantly more output making it a more viable and reliable power option. In its very nature of harnessing variable power, Exro will enable wind turbines and other renewable technologies to operate in locations that were previously deemed uneconomical due to less than optimal conditions.

Wind Turbines / Tidal and Wave Power / Run of River /  Other Turbines:
Low flow canals or aqueducts, Water pipes such as municipal water or sewage or drainage pipes, Water pipes in an industrial setting such as a pulp mill.

With 800,000 small wind turbines already installed, growth is expected to be 10 times that by 2020. EXRO’s technology is easily configured for both small and large wind turbines.

The Danish government aims to get 50% of its electricity from wind by 2020 and 100% from renewable energy before 2050.

World Cumulative Installed Wind Power Capacity 1980-2012

Transportation Markets

EXRO’s technologies can significantly increase the driving range of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Hybrid and electric vehicles will become significantly more efficient with an EXRO integrated electric motor. By increasing the electric motor's efficiency and generating more power in the braking process, these vehicles will enjoy much greater ranges.

Furthermore, by automatically adapting to variances, EXRO can eliminate the need for an engine's automatic transmission. This takes away cost of parts and reduces overall engine maintenance. 

Sizeable Possibilities

EXRO’s Dynamic Power Management can be built to any size and configuration to accommodate the constraints and the requirements of any pre-existing designs.

Megawatt Class Variable Input Electric Generator

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