Sue Ozdemir


One of the world’s proven leaders in the innovation and manufacturing of electric motors, Sue has nine years of accomplishments at General Electric, acting as CCO and the CEO of GE’s Small Industrial Motors Division, overseeing the division’s North American and International markets – ultimately building the division into a 160 million enterprise.

Jonathan Ritchey

Founder & Chief Scientist

Founder, inventor and chief designer for Exro’s technology.

John Meekison


With over 12 years of public and private experience, Mr Meekison is a career CFO. As an investment banker, he has over 15 years experience raising equity capital. He is a CPA, Certified Management Accountant, Certified Investment Manager, and Professional Logistician, and holds a BA from University of British Columbia.

Josh Sobil

Chief Commercial Officer

Josh has over a decade of experience in the power conversion industry, beginning his career with GE  and moving to Siemens Canada where he lead the growth of its Mining business in Western Canada. He is a graduate of McMaster University with a Bachelor of Engineering & Management in Mechanical Engineering.

Richard Meaux

Chief of Marketing

Richard has had diverse experiences in the power conversion industry, beginning his career with GE as part of the Commercial Leadership program.  He then went on to hold roles in engineering, sales, marketing, and product management.  Working through several promotions, Meaux was GE Digital Leader for GE Industrial Motors (“GEIM”) and most recently, Director of Marketing and Digital Operations for GE Industrial Motors (a Wolong Company). He is a graduate from the University of Florida and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. Additionally, he is a graduate of GE's Commercial Leadership Program and Harvard Business School’s Business Fundamentals program.

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