Exro’s intelligent battery management system is designed to improve second life technology. The system will be comprised of circuit boards hard-wired to multiple sensors and leads and software for control systems, to manage the charge and discharge levels of every cell within a battery pack. The electromagnetic current will continuously adjust for a more efficient, longer life span and greater range.

  • Exro Solution: Treats each cell as an individual unit; real-time control of each cell for equal degradation of cells during battery lifespan
  • Benefit: Extends battery life
  • Exro Solution: Variable voltage outputs only what is needed; continuous balancing; direct in/out AC; direct phase matching; control current, voltage, and frequency for near-optimal torque configuration in real time
  • Benefit: Increases efficiency; no more stopping and starting; reduces wasted power; eliminates inverter, charger, and other components when connecting to grid with charging and discharging
  • Exro Solution: Better manufacturability with integrated circuit board in each cell eliminates metal plates, reduces cell operations
  • Benefit: Removes a specific manufacturing cost, simplifies battery operation, reduces battery failures
  • Exro Solution: Real-time control and balancing of each cell
  • Benefit: Reduces wear and tear; longer battery life
  • Exro Solution: Monitor individual battery cells
  • Benefit: Replace only damaged cells and not the entire pack; more capable current control over individual battery units
  • Exro Solution: Maintain battery history
  • Benefit: Enhance secondary market for used electric vehicles
  • Exro Solution: Fault tolerance due to individual cell monitoring and control
  • Benefit: Efficient energy use, longer battery life

When applied to electric vehicles, Exro is striving to achieve greater range on each battery charge and a longer battery lifespan.

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