The technology for generators is the same as for motors. The markets are different. Wind turbines are a key market for generating power with Exro’s DPM energy optimization technology. By reconfiguring coils, Exro intends to keep energy output from generators at its lower, near-optimal level.

  • Exro Solution: Integrate technology into existing generators; control with semi-conductors / change electromagnetics of the generator for a control system that adjusts for higher and lower speeds and variable torque
  • Benefit: Greater efficiency and lifespan
  • Exro Solution: Greater control over back-torque against prime mover
  • Benefit: Optimize system for over-voltage control for material benefit with renewables such as Wind and Tidal systems
  • Exro Solution: Integrate existing system with intelligent control technology
  • Benefit: Ability to increase efficiency of downstream power electronics due to reduced losses in passive rectifiers, inverters, converters and regulators
  • Exro Solution: Isolate compromised cells and continue to operate
  • Benefit: Fault tolerance to isolate fault and continue to operate in certain conditions

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