Innovation is at the heart of what Exro does. Exro’s technology aims to pioneer the way energy is transferred and stored as the world transitions to electrification with electric motors and lithium ion batteries.

The Exro Coil Driver is the first of its kind in the motor and drive technology field. With the intelligence to reconfigure electric machines in real-time, our patented technology expands the capabilities for electric powertrain systems by replacing the current controllers. Utilizing intelligent coil switching, the Coil Driver can improve performance and efficiency while reducing costs. That means you can electronically optimize the powertrain, extend operating ranges, and reduce charging. Simply put, our technology can help make the highest performing vehicle in the market.

The principles that govern management of individual coils in electric motors also apply to managing individual cells in a lithium ion battery. This is how Exro continues to develop it's Intelligent Battery Management System (iBMS).



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