Our vision is to become synonymous with advanced, dynamic optimization and control of rotating electric machines.


To create a new global standard in advanced, dynamic optimization and control of rotating electric machines that provides economic benefits to users, competitive advantages to suppliers, and a cleaner environment for everyone.

What We Do

Exro Technologies has developed and patented a technology for self-optimizing electric motors and generators to improve efficiency in applications with high variability. Exro’s IP can be integrated into existing applications, or designed with OEMs to create new custom designs that maximize economic performance.

Exro's founder and inventor, Jonathan Ritchey committed to unlock the solution to an age-old problem involving electric machines and variability. By developing a new way to configure the coils contained in electric motors and generators that takes advantage of recent advances in semiconductor switches, a truly intelligent electric machine was born. By solving this critical piece of the puzzle Exro is now positioned to open up a huge number of possibilities as to how we harness and use energy.

These intelligent machines will redefine our way of looking at man's relationship to electric energy and the world.

Who We Are

Exro Technologies has attracted a team of visionaries, seasoned leaders and engineering specialists.  Our goal is to introduce and integrate our patented Dynamic Power Management systems across several industries, creating a new technology standard for variable environment rotating electric machines and their associated power systems.




Mark Godsy, Chairman & CEO

Serial technology entrepreneur involved in many successful ventures including two of Canada’s most successful biotech companies.


Jonathan Ritchey, Founder and Chief Scientist, Board of Directors

Founder, inventor and chief designer for Exro’s technology.


Torsten Broeer, Chief Technical Officer

With over 25 years of industry and project experience in the conventional and renewable energy engineering field, Mr Broeer holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, a M.Sc. in Renewable Energy, and B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering.


John Meekison, CFO

With over 12 years of public and private experience, Mr Meekison is a career CFO. As an investment banker, he has over 15 years experience raising equity capital. He is a CPA, Certified Management Accountant, Certified Investment Manager, and Professional Logistician, and holds a BA from University of British Columbia.


Eamonn Percy, Strategic Advisor, Board of Directors

Global business growth advisor and cleantech expert. Former President of Powertech Labs (leading global utility engineering products and services company). Former VP, Operations of Ballard Power Systems (a leading fuel cell company). B. Eng. (Electrical) & MBA (Finance).


Lyle McLennan, Head of Investor Relations

Financial advisor with over 20 years in the finance industry working principally with growth technology companies.


Independent Board Members

Frank Borowicz, QC

Governor, Greater Vancouver Board of Trade, Director of Hemisphere Energy and several private companies, past Chair of BC Industry Training Authority, and retired senior partner of Davis LLP (DLA Piper).


Jill Bodkin

Past Chair of the Vancouver Board of Trade, Wesport Innovations, the BC Securities Commission with deep experience in financing, including EY corporate finance partner advising growth companies on international expansion, and infrastructure in Canada and Asia. Boards include Yaletown Ventures VCC, and Laurentian Bank.


Daniel McGahn

Currently CEO of American Superconductor Corporation (“AMSC”). Joined AMSC in 2006 as VP, Strategic Planning and Corporate Development, later promoted to President and COO responsible for AMSC’s global operations. M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Engineering, MIT.

John McNicol

An executive with a proven track record of building high growth international companies from early start up through periods of substantial asset investment, rapid sales growth and significant shareholder value appreciation.


Don Safnuk

Founder and CEO of one of Canada’s leading tech recruiting firms. Founding partner of BC's Social Venture’s Partners and a past Member of the Premier’s Technology Council.


Andreas Truckenbrodt

Strategic and technical advisor to Clean Energy companies and past Head of Advanced Transportation Technologies for Daimler.


James Tansey

Dr James Tansey is an Associate Professor, Sauder School of Business, UBC. Executive Director of the Sauder Centre for Social Innovation and Impact Investing and the UBC Sustainability Initiative. Founder of NatureBank Asset Management. Served on BC's Green Energy Advisory Task Force, Climate Leadership Team and FAC on Social Innovation and Finance.


James Topham, FCPA

Past Head of Technology for KPMG, Vancouver.


Jamie Chapman

Technology pioneer in the wind industry and currently a technical and strategic advisor to companies, leading technical and Government institutions and laboratories.


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