Exro’s Dynamic Power Management technology



For almost two centuries, electric motors and generators have used technologies that only operate efficiently in limited circumstances.


The Exro DPM technology is a control system that integrates wiring of the rotating machine coils into the power electronics. This gives the power electronics control of the machine coil wiring configuration in real time, providing a range of options in place of a fixed machine configuration.


The control system will select the best configuration for a given operating condition using an application-specific algorithm. Exro’s breakthrough approach to generator and motor design and control improves efficiency across highly variable input and output applications. Until today electric machine coils have been wired in a single configuration and the designer had to select the configuration that is the best compromise over the range of operating conditions. DPM senses input energy and load, and seamlessly switches coil wiring in any combination from full parallel to full series.


In essence, DPM provides voltage control with multiple performance curves corresponding to the coil configurations in the electric machine. Exro’s technology is designed and built into our partner’s electric machine and power electronics for the application. DPM is fully integrated with the power electronics design; there is no separate hardware package.


The current paradigm is to accept the electrical output produced by the generator and clean the signal afterwards. This adds cost and weight to the power electronics and reduces overall system efficiency and capacity.

By leveraging advanced semiconductors, it becomes possible to switch coil configurations and circuitry in order to align the output signal of a generator using a variable energy source with grid/load requirements.

This intelligent capability blurs the line between generators and power electronics essentially changing the paradigm from today’s practice of cleaning a signal after generator production to a future scenario where the generator is configured dynamically to more closely match end user requirements.



Exro DPM-enabled generators adjust to optimize efficiency and output power in response to changing conditions. To accomplish this Exro’s proprietary switching system pairs with application specific control algorithms. Conceptually, the process is straight forward:

  • dynamically assess changing input torque, RPM and load requirements
  • calculate the optimal induction configuration
  • adjust the induction configuration for maximum efficiency ... repeat.

Exro’s proprietary zero-point-crossing coil switching system has the ability to make on-the-fly changes to the coil configuration. Live coil switching broadens the efficiency of the drive train and increases the power output below and above the rated capacity of the machine.

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