Coil Driver

Exro’s patented Coil Driver proprietary software system controls electric motor coils through individual coil switching for optimal settings for each specific power need. This results in expanded speed/torque capability and improved machine efficiency across a wider operating range.

Exro’s ability to manage coils has evolved into development of an even more robust energy management system being designed to use intelligence to control individual coils for even more efficient performance. Our technology expands the capabilities for electric power train systems.

Now with our Coil Driver, we can dynamically adjust to the system's demands for torque and speed, and seamlessly switch the configuration to match the desired output. That means you can electronically optimize the power train, extend operating ranges, and increase operational efficiencies. 

We can help make the highest performing vehicles in the world.


Figure 1. Standard electric vehicle configuration output compared to the same electric vehicle with Exro Coil Driver Technology.


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